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Dear Steven,
Here is what I have learned to do for aorta pinouts:
Melt about half a pound of pink dental wax along with about 1/4 piece 
of black candle dye.  I'm sorry, there is no weight on the package, 
so it is actually a piece about the size of my thumbnail.   Just mix 
and stir until it is a color you would like.  I use a small cardboard 
box, with no seams, to mold the "plate" of wax.  It comes out easily 
after chilling (I use one of my cold plates to chill them).  The 
cassettes are too small for what we are pinning out.
I hope this helps, and good luck!
Jo Dee

At 9:31 AM -0500 7/22/05, Steven P Postl wrote:
>Let me add a few points after touching base with the researcher.  There
>will be no tissue processed, nor labeling needed.  Just a plain paraffin
>block made.  This block will be used like a "cork board" but with paraffin
>instead to pin a tissue flat to the surface.  Odd request, but I have to
>ask. Thanks again for those who have answered, and thanks to all of you
>who are scratching your head, drinking your coffee and thinking about
>this.  TGIF
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>A researcher is wondering (now so am I [I never heard this request
>before]) if any company sells black paraffin and black embedding
>cassettes?  No, this isn't a Gothic thing, a legitimate request.  Would it
>be possible to add something to paraffin to make it stay a black color and
>remain strong as our commercial paraffin products?  Thanks.
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