[Histonet] Black paraffin and cassettes

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Steve - 
You can get black WAX for this purpose from an art supply store, where 
they have candlemaking supplies.
I'm pretty sure someone (maybe surgipath) makes grey cassettes.

Jackie O'

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Let me add a few points after touching base with the researcher.  There 
will be no tissue processed, nor labeling needed.  Just a plain paraffin 
block made.  This block will be used like a "cork board" but with paraffin 

instead to pin a tissue flat to the surface.  Odd request, but I have to 
ask. Thanks again for those who have answered, and thanks to all of you 
who are scratching your head, drinking your coffee and thinking about 
this.  TGIF

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Steven P Postl
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A researcher is wondering (now so am I [I never heard this request 
before]) if any company sells black paraffin and black embedding 
cassettes?  No, this isn't a Gothic thing, a legitimate request.  Would it 

be possible to add something to paraffin to make it stay a black color and 

remain strong as our commercial paraffin products?  Thanks. 

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