[Histonet] overdecalcified bone

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We used the 5% periodic acid overnight method with remarkable results.  I am
writing a procedure...do you have any idea why these methods work, ie, the
chemistry behind the method?  I found the original method in the AFIP
manual, but no theory was given.
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>From Theory and practice of Histotechnology, Sheehan and Hrapchak, Appendix
B, p. 445.  


To restore basophilic properties to tissues as the result of overexposure to
decalcifying solution:


Method 1

1.    Deparaffinize and hydrate slides

2.    Place slides in 5% aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution from 4 hours to

3.    Wash in tap water for 5 minutes

4.    Stain as desired


Method 2

In step 2, use 5% aqueous solution of ammonium sulfide overnight


Method 3

In step 2, use 5% aqueous solution of periodic acid overnight


Hopefully one of these methods will work for you.





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Hi, Vicki.


Is there a procedure to restore the nuclear staining uptake in

over-decalcified human bone?


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