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Questions, can you be more specific as to what you mean by asymmetrical - do
you mean they do not exhibit the same anatomical structures from one side to
the other or do they differ in size? I take it this is something new and the
processing, etc are the same protocols that have given good results.

How are you doing the gross cuts? Do you use a brain mold? How do you put
them in the cassettes - lens paper or free floating?

Sounds strange, would love to assist if possible.

I do coronal mouse sections with a mold and place in lens paper through the
processor but have had some people through the lab that don't seem to have
the manual dexterity to do this consistently.

Let me know!

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  Hello, please have any of you who process & section paraformaldehyde 
fixed, paraffin embedded mouse brain experienced asymmetry of the right & 
left hemispheres? Recently our coronal mouse brain sections which appear 
symmetrical upon gross trim and after initial facing of paraffin are 
asymmetrical after staining. I've rotated the block holder to the limit and 
sectioned the most rostral hemisphere at higher micron thickness to 
accommodate. However, to my dismay and disappointment none of this has 
helped very much. Any pointers in remedying this situation ASAP will be 
greatly appreciated. Thanks, Atoska 

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