[Histonet] mouse brain

Atoska S. Gentry gentras <@t> vetmed.auburn.edu
Wed Jul 13 10:41:08 CDT 2005

  Hello, please have any of you who process & section paraformaldehyde 
fixed, paraffin embedded mouse brain experienced asymmetry of the right & 
left hemispheres? Recently our coronal mouse brain sections which appear 
symmetrical upon gross trim and after initial facing of paraffin are 
asymmetrical after staining. I've rotated the block holder to the limit and 
sectioned the most rostral hemisphere at higher micron thickness to 
accommodate. However, to my dismay and disappointment none of this has 
helped very much. Any pointers in remedying this situation ASAP will be 
greatly appreciated. Thanks, Atoska 

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