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Wed Jul 13 10:11:36 CDT 2005


There is a superb manual staining incubation chamber called Slidemaster 
from Scytek (www.scytek.com) out of Logan Utah.  They are wonderful for 
rinsing, collecting waste, developing chromogen against a white background 
without having to pick up a slide throughout the whole procedure.  The 
slides do NOT fall off the slide rack, a tremendous help during long, 
precious IHC protocols. You can put them in refrigerator, 37C incubator, or 
rotating platform, etc.  These save time and wasted motion handling slides 
- we have 5 of them often with all five in use at one time.

At 02:34 PM 7/12/2005, you wrote:
>I am looking for a plexiglass incubation chamber that holds 20 slides on a 
>raised metal tray. Can anyone suggest a vendor?
>C Thouron
>Ochsner Clinic Foundation
>New Orleans, LA

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