[Histonet] re: slippery pig snouts

anclg chris.goodall <@t> bristol.ac.uk
Tue Jul 12 03:10:39 CDT 2005

Dear Trisha,
   I also dry my + charged slides flat on a Hot hot plate, just hot
enough to not melt the wax, overnight. Then dewax and take to 70%
alcohol, then remove the slides and check that none of the cartilage has
flipped over and swish around in the 70% to get it back if it has, I
then dry the slides flat on a lukewarm hotplate....about 37C for about
10 mins before staining, this works for me. I also find that leaving
some other tissue, bone or muscle on the cartilage helps to anchor the
cartilage to the slide and even if it then detaches you can sometimes
stain and flatten after coverslipping, I use little weights on the
coverslips during drying flat.

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