[Histonet] HTL blocks needed

yan gao gliuygao <@t> hotmail.com
Mon Jul 11 13:41:44 CDT 2005

   Dear Histonet,

   I  am  prepare  my  practice  for HTL test.  I need blcoks from Artery
   0.5cm  (outside  diameter);  Cerebellum  (1.0x1.0  cm  square);  Ovary
   (1.0x1.0  cm  square);  Pancreas  (1.0x1.0 square); Thyroid (1.0x1.0cm
   square);  Lung (1.5x1.5cm square); Uterus (1.5x1.5cm); small intestine
   2.0 cm in lenght and Helicobacter pylori.  If anyone so kindly provide
   me the blocks.  I am really appreciated.  Thanks.

   Yan Gao

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