[Histonet] Shandon Cytofunnels

Sherri Anderson specialstainsqueen <@t> hotmail.com
Fri Jul 8 08:36:53 CDT 2005

This is in response to the messages posted on Histonet that Thermo Electron 
Corporation is recalling all the old Cytospins® and no longer supplying the 
"re-usable" chambers (clipped Cytofunnels®) and stainless steel clips.  We 
would like to clarify that the above statements are not true.

Thermo Electron is the original manufacturer of the Shandon Cytofunnels.  We 
are also the only manufacturer supplying Cytofunnels in 2 versions, the 
original Shandon Cytofunnels with Shandon Cytoclips® and the new, clipless 
Shandon EZ Cytofunnels.

There is no plan to recall any Cytospin from the field as the new EZ 
Cytofunnels are functional on Cytospin 2, 3 or 4 without any modifications.

Currently the EZ Cytofunnels are available in the United States, United 
Kingdom and Germany together with the conventional clipped cytofunnels.  
Eventually both types of cytofunnels will be available worldwide.  We leave 
the choice and decision to our customers.

Thank you for the opportunity to correct the previous postings.

Sherri L. Anderson
Product Specialist
Anatomical Pathology Dept.
Thermo Electron Corporation

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