[Histonet] What is the best way to decontaminate a cryostat?

Peter Bannister peter_bannister <@t> hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jul 8 03:52:46 CDT 2005

Hello Histonetters,

We have an old cryostat (without UV) with which we wish to produce sections 
for subsequent laser capture micro-dissection - to extract RNA for our 
functional genomics projects.
Naturally we need to keep the level of cross contamination between specimens 
to an absolute minimum.
Could anyone tell me the best way to decontaminate a cryostat for this 
purpose (what you use and how you do it).

Many thanks for your help.

Pete Bannister.

Dr. Peter Bannister,
Thrombosis Research Institute,
Emmanuel Kaye Building,
Manresa Road,
London SW3 6LR.

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