[Histonet] revisiting expired immmuno reagents

Joe Nocito JNocito <@t> Pathreflab.com
Tue Jul 5 09:01:51 CDT 2005

Hello histoland,
	okay, I've been shooting my mouth off a lot lately and I want y'all to know
that I contacted the CAP about revising the question about using expired
immuno reagents.
	The question in question (like that huh?) in the latest CAP checklist is
ANP.22432. Whether they contact me or not is another question (so many
	My rationale for changing the question are these
1. Immuno reagents are too expensive to throw away.
2. Each time a run is performed, the reagents are revalidated
3. A laboratory must have a written procedure in place detailing the
revalidating process.
4. A quality control form must be used and signed by the medical director
assuring that the reagents work.

I am open to suggestions and other ideas that I may have over looked. With
your support, maybe we can, at least, have this question revised.

Of course, I expect some fallout because of this, but hey, it wouldn't be me
if I didn't


Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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