[Histonet] ER/PR staining of normal breast tissue

Patrick Paulusse wolf <@t> webhart.net
Mon Jul 4 19:07:23 CDT 2005

Good Evening All,

Should normal breast duct tissue always stain positively with estrogen and
progesterone antibodies. If not, is this a natural occurrence or is there
something physiologically occuring to prevent the staining.  I have had
several occasions when the normal breast duct tissue will not stain (the
corresponding tumour tissue in the same block was also negative).  An
external control on the same slide stains wonderfully.  Fixation is never
less than 24 hours and seldom over 72 hours in 10% NBF.  I have several
control blocks and use the one that mimics the fixation and processing of
the test specimen.  Any comments and references are always welcome.

Thanking you in advance,

Patrick Paulusse
Anatomical Pathology
Pembroke Regional Hospital

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