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Dear Cynthia,

Great message and enough to lift the spirits of all Histonetters!!!  It 
made my day.

Have a good weekend everyone!

  12:15 PM 1/21/2005, you wrote:
>You have gotten fabulous advice. I only add what I do. I perfuse the mouse
>as we are studying brain and this is far superior. I leave the gut intact in
>the animal. Cut just beneath the stomach, and at the cecal junction, insert
>a dulled needle per Gayle Callis rinse jelly roll and put on lens paper. Do
>the same for the lower intestines. Can do all in one but I find this easier.
>Get some normal mice try everything and practice, practice, practice..pretty
>soon you will be giving advice.
>Cynthia Favara
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>Hi to all of you,
>I'm quite new to histology and have a few basic questions.
>Here's what I'm doing:
>Tissue:  mouse intestine;  small and large intestine is harvested, cut open
>longitudinally, and rinsed with PBS prior to fixation; 3 cm lengths are
>Fixation: 10% formalin
>Processing and embedding:  manual processing, paraffin embedding, 4-6 micron
>Staining:  H&E staining
>Two questions:
>1.  After fixation, is it better to store my tissue (for ~1 month or so) in
>fixative, or in 70% ethanol?
>2.  I'm attempting to get transverse sections of the intestine;  sometimes I
>notice that my tissue ends up inside out (mucosa facing outward).  I think
>it may happen when I use a razor blade to cut the tissue longitudinally vs.
>using scissors to make the longitudinal incision, and am going to test that.
>Has anyone had any experience with this?
>Thanks for any advice.
>Wendy Bedale, Ph.D.
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