[Histonet] Eosinophil Major Basic Protein MON6008 does not cross react to mouse

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Mon Jan 10 11:09:06 CST 2005

After doing all the search for a murine eosinophil antibody, MONOSAN  on 
antibody suggested by Chris van der Loos replied with following 
message.  It does not cross react to murine eosinophils.  Hopefully this 
saves someone some time and effort.

Gayle Callis

>Subject: Eosinophil Major Basic Protein
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:23:25 +0100
>From: "Joreen Huijbregts" <jhuijbregts <@t> sanbio.nl>
>Dear Mrs. Callis,
>Thank you for visiting our website. In addition to your request about
>the Human Eosinophil Major Basic Protein we can inform you that the
>antibody MON6008 does not cross-react with mouse.
>You can purchase our antibodies in the US from two distributors:
>Cell Sciences, www.cellsciences.com
>Caltag Laboratories Inc, www.caltag.com
>If you have any additional questions or remarks, please do not hesitate
>to contact us or our distributors.
>Kind regards,
>S A N B I O b.v.
>Ms. Joreen Huijbregts
>Monosan Technical Support
>jhuijbregts <@t> sanbio.nl
>Tel. +31 413 251115
>Fax. +31 413 266605

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