[Histonet] ASCP - lots of questions!!!

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Mon Feb 28 19:42:05 CST 2005

>From what I read, those newly registered will be required to have CEUs in  
order to renew their registry with the ASCP.   I have not ready  anything that 
is going to require those that have been registered to acquire  CEUs.  I have 
thought that eventually we will all be required to have the  CEUs  in order to 
renew membership.  Why did the ASCP not do  that?  
    I think it is a good idea.   But what  will happen if one does not renew 
their registry?  What kind of regulations  are going to require that the 
histologists renew their membership?    How are they going to enforce this?  And if 
it turns out that this will be  required of all of us ...  what is to keep 
labs from hiring  unregistered (unrenewed membership).  Is this really going to 
amount to  anymore then a pile of beans?  It would be nice if it did.  
    As it is, there are some pathologists that feel a  monkey can crank that 
microtome.   No respect for our  professions.  This is really a true 
statement.  Here in the state of  Louisiana when Licensure came up for medical 
professionals, we were not  included.   Intentionally not included.  Not just an  
oversight.  Manicurist and hair dressers here are licensed, but not the  
And some of this disrespect has been earned! It has taken so long for  us to 
accept the fact that we need college.  How many of us out there can  say that 
we have kept up with new technology in our field?  If you are a  member of 
this histonet server and an NSH member you most likely have taken  those giant 
steps forward.  Think of all the folks you know in histology  that think they 
know it all and yet you would not want them in your lab!   Maybe if we do this 
and bit that bullet,  get our  education (four years of college) and CEUs CLIA 
might recognize us!   CLIA might just realize that we are a professional group 
that can do  "complicated" tests, such as flow, fish and probes.  If they 
knew how  complicated immunohistochemistry is, they just might take that away 
from us  too!  If they knew that we are the professionals that make that final  
diagnosis they might not let us work in the lab!   They can do all the  blood 
work and do all kinds of tests....   but they still need  us!   
    My apologies,if I have offended anyone.    My cage just got rattled and I 
just can't be quiet anymore.
Pearl,  from Louisiana

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