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> HELP!  a colleague is cutting rat brains on a cryostat and is having a
> terrible time with static causing the sections to "jump and fly" around
> in the cryo-cabinet.  Has anyone got a remedy for reducing the static ?


Yes, there have been several suggestions posted to Histonet re: this problem. 
 If I recall correctly, some of the solutions have been related to the 
clothing and the shoes that are worn when working at the cryostat.  Someone 
suggested gently breathing on the block face (probably a humidity effect), and someone 
else suggested placing a fabric softener (the sheet type) in the chamber.  
Placing a small beaker of 80% ethanol in the cabinet also seems to work well.

You can retrieve the postings by going to:

In the search box, type the following:
static electricity cryostat

Good luck, hope this helps!

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