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Mon Feb 28 10:45:30 CST 2005

Hi everybody,

   It seems as though from reading the emails that a lot of histology techs
are questioning whether they should gross or not. Well even according to the
CLIA 88 rules, if you have an Associates Degree or higher you qualify to
gross. Sad part is, it doesn't specifically say.."histo techs". Personally,
it's a serious task and I can't imagine if there is a problem that the Dr.
would take the blame. The histo tech would be the one to go down in flames.
According to my pathologist, he received a hospital survey and was shocked
to see that there are a lot of techs grossing, not just small specimens but
big specimens that have no education. Hospitals just want histo techs to
gross so they can have you do 2 jobs for the price of one. I'm not
comfortable grossing and I probably will refuse to gross. I think CAP needs
to implement a set of regulations for histo techs. We have been too long in
the gray area unlike most fields, who have specific regulations to what they
can and can not do.


Heather A. Harper

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