[Histonet] richard-allen type 9 paraffin

TheBestTime23 <@t> aol.com TheBestTime23 <@t> aol.com
Fri Feb 25 15:43:50 CST 2005

Thanks for your reply.  How long have you been using this  paraffin?  What 
temperatures are you using in your water baths and  processors?  What do you use 
to keep your blocks chilled (if  anything)?
I'm having a little difficulty with this new paraffin.  I thought it  was 
something that I needed time getting used to, but it has been almost 2  months of 
using it and I am still having problems (and so are the 3 other people  I 
work with).  Problems include compression, fragile ribbons and  wrinkles.  I am 
now taking an excessive amount of time and care cutting my  blocks only to 
discover minute folds that could not be seen on the  waterbath.  We cut our 
routine sections at 4 microns and our temperatures  are where they should be for 
what the company recommends (59 in processor and  holding tanks and waterbath 
between 35-40).  I just thought someone that  had worked with this paraffin for a 
while could give me some tips.   Otherwise I might have to start wearing a 
wig  : )
Thank you!

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