[Histonet] paraffin embedding of mouse tails

Cheung, Lauren lcheung <@t> cvmed.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 25 13:14:52 CST 2005

Hi everyone,
I work with mouse tail sections, each approximately 4-5 mm in thickness. I
have been attempting to embed them in paraffin for sectioning however
sectioning them hasn't been very successful. I can't obtain a ribbon and the
sections seem to break out of the paraffin and break apart. I currently fix
the tails in 4% Paraformaldehyde overnight and then place them in EDTA for
7-10 days for decalcification. Afterwards, I dehydrate them through a series
of graded alcohol steps, clear them in xylenes, and then let them sit in
paraffin. I am wondering if anyone has a good protocol including times for
each step which I could test out on my samples.  Any advice would be greatly
Thanks so much,
Lauren Cheung
Stanford University
Rockson Lab
Lab: 650-723-5354
Email: Lcheung <@t> cvmed.stanford.edu

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