[Histonet] 34BE12 on prostate[Scanned]

Jean Gillson jean.gillson <@t> elht.nhs.uk
Fri Feb 25 05:02:57 CST 2005

Dear all fellow histologist, 

We seem to have a recurrent problem with 34BE12 IHC staining on both
prostate chippings and prostatectomy specimens.  Some basal cells stain
whilst others that should stain are negative.  Our procedure is Trypsin for
12 minute at pH 7.8 and 37 degrees C.  We use a Dako autostainer machine and
our antibody is from Dako.  Previous spec sheets state Trypsinisation but
our most recent one states heat retrieval.  So as a test we did both
retrieval methods.  Oddly enough, microwaved in Dako retrieval solution was
slightly better in prostatectomy specimens than trypsin (still uneven
staining) and worst in chipping specimens.  Can anyone offer any advice?
What antibody panels are people doing for prostate cases?  Help desperately

Jean Gillson BMS2

Histology Department

Blackburn Royal Infirmary



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