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Once you have already started you will probably have to appeal to the
Pathologists' sense of fair play.  Here are the training sites:

Training Programs for Pathologists' Assistants

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
(NAACLS) board of directors voted in 1995 to accept the Essentials of
Accredited Training Programs for the Pathologists' Assistant,
establishing a process of accreditation for pathologists' assistant
training programs.  Adoption of NAACLS Essentials ensures a uniform
standard of excellence for the training of pathologists assistants. The
following training programs have been accredited by NAACLS and provide
academic and practical training leading to either a master's degree or a
bachelor's degree.
Duke University - MHS, 2 years
Claudia Brady,MHS, Program Director
Department of Pathology
PO Box 3712
Durham, NC 27710

Tara Mann - student liaison
535 Crossview Drive
Durham, NC 27703
mann0025 <@t> mc.duke.edu  

Quinnipiac University - MHS, 2 years
Scott Farber, Graduate Admissions Director
275 Mount Carmel Ave
Hamden, CT 06518
graduate <@t> quinnipiac.edu
Leo Kelly, MHS, Clinical Coordinator
(contact for employment opportunities)
203.932.5711 x4758 

Ray Schneider - student liaison
Norwalk Hospital
Dept. of Pathology
24 Stevens St.
Norwalk, CT  06856
raymond.schneider <@t> norwalkhealth.org

University of Maryland - MS, 2 years 
Raymond Jones, PhD, Program Director 
Department of Pathology
22 S Greene St
Baltimore, MD 21201
rjones <@t> som.umaryland.edu

Katie Flickinger - student liaison
Dept. of Pathology
600 N. Wolfe St.
Pathology B 107A
Baltimore, MD  21287-6667
kflicki1 <@t> jhmi.edu 

Wayne State University - BS, 2 years
Peter Frade, PhD, Program Director
Department of Mortuary Sciences
5439 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202 
ab8123 <@t> wayne.edu

Leena Budev and Anne Hildebrandt - student liasions
Anatomic Pathologists' Assistant Program
Wayne State University
Dept. of Mortuary Science
5439 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI  48202
lbudev <@t> dmc.org and arh1214 <@t> aol.com

Ohio State University - MS, 2 years
Charles Hitchcock, MD, PhD, Program Director

Gretchen Staschiak, Pathology Education Coordinator
N-308A Doan Hall
410 W Tenth Ave
Columbus, Ohio  43210
staschiak.2 <@t> osu.edu

Sandra Banky - student liaison
OSU Medical Center
417 East Doan Hall
410 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210
banky-1 <@t> medctr.osu.edu

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science - MS, 2 years
John Vitale, MHS, Program Director & Clinical Coordinator
Pathologists' Assistant Department
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064
john.vitale <@t> rosalindfranklin.edu

Trina A.Sherlitz, PT, MS, Clinical Coordinator
trina.sherlitz <@t> rosalindfranklin.edu

Karen Skish - student liaison

(630) 926-9561
karenskish <@t> comcast.net

Please Note:  Graduates of non-NAACLS accredited training programs are
eligible for membership; however, at least one year of work experience
is required to become eligible for the AAPA Fellowship Exam. 

If you have any problems or questions concerning accreditation, please

Daniel Tice
Staff Program Coordinator
 dtice <@t> naacls.org


Dr. Olive Kimball
Executive Director
kimball <@t> naacls.org

Further information about NAACLS (National Accrediting Agency for
Clinical Laboratory Sciences) may be obtained from www.naacls.org or
naaclsinfo <@t> naacls.org. 

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Charles you mentioned that this needs to be done before you start, how
can a person go about asking for this once he is in this situation.  and
were is the PA schools that are specific to Pathologist Assistants??

Jesus Ellin
Yuma Regional Medical Center

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First, my job description would have to be finalized and pay raise set
before I opened my first specimen jar.  Once you have started the duties
your employer has lost his incentive to get this done.  As far as pay
raise is concerned it would really depend on the extent of your grossing
and time involved.  Personally I think the raise negotiations should
start at $5.00 for small biopsies and increase with the level of
specimen difficulty.  The biggest problem I have found is that people
tend to underestimate their worth.  The only other option for grossing
is a pathologist or pathologists' assistant and you would still be a
steal with a $5.00 raise.  If you enjoy grossing you should apply to one
of the PA schools.  It is only an additional two years of school, one of
which is actual grossing at clinical sites.  I teach second year PA
students from Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago and my two
students that graduate in April have already signed great contracts.
Good Luck
Charles Embrey PA(ASCP)
Urbana, IL  

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Just a quick question.. . what is the average pay increase to go from
a standard histotech, to a grossing tech? (with a B.S.) And, how long
on average should it take to see it in your job description and your

C. Fockler

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