[Histonet] Thank you

Heather.A.Harper <@t> pcola.med.navy.mil Heather.A.Harper <@t> pcola.med.navy.mil
Wed Feb 16 11:02:07 CST 2005

 To everyone who responded to my post. Thank you so much. I am willing to
learn to gross but if you saw the amount of work I do, I literally spin
circles around my military co-worker. Time management is of the essence. I
do have an Associates Degree and graduated from Histology School so I am not
sure if the CLIA regs would be to my benefit. My beef is how the whole
situation was handled and according to the union regs, you can't just change
someone's work PD without sitting down with the employee and discussing the
changes. Mine was changed behind my back than presented to me. Even though I
am and consider myself a good histo tech, I think more money would talk
better than the approach that was used on me. All histo techs know that we
are in very high demand, and it took where I work a few years to even keep a
histo tech...gees I wonder why. But to all of you who don't work for the
government, when you deal w/the military, it's like republican vs.
democrats. It's not the great job that we were taught to believe. It has its
perks but you deal with a lot more political nonsense than at a regular
histology civilian job. Thank you again. If you have additional info, please



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