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I can sympathize with this situation because I am a military Histo tech and
I will be getting out of the Navy next year(If anyone needs me, hint hint).
Navy Pathologist are a little different to deal with. The good thing is if
you get a bad one they always transfer in a few years. If they are
re-writing your job description then the person doing it should have the
decency to upgrade it to match your grossing peers. Anyway... Show the union
CLIA 88 as follows...
CLIA '88 lists the requirements for non-pathologists grossing. Grossing is
considered high-complexity testing even if it's a punch biopsy. CLIA '88
states "On or before April 24 1995 (I) be a high school graduate or
equivalent; and (b) have documentation of training appropriate for the test
performed before analyzing patient specimens"................After that date
it requires an associate degree in a biological or chemical science or
medical laboratory technology -or- qualify as a medical technologist with a
bachelor's degree from an accredited institution -or- earned a bachelor's
degree in a chemical, physical, biologic or clinical laboratory science. 

ref. CLIA '88 493.1489

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Heather, I agree with Chuck and also sympathize with the way they have
handled changing your job classification.  I don't know what a GS-7 pays
but I do know that in the "outside world" you are worth a lot with the
ability to do grossing.  I think every one of us should use every
opportunity to further our skills and keep learning new things.  It's
worth it in the long run.  The more valuable you make yourself the more
marketable you are in this field where there is such a shortage.  I
think you should grit your teeth and smile and let them foot the expense
of learning something new.  Then in a year or so if the opportunity
presents its self run quickly for someplace that respects you and
involves you in the process of making changes.
Linda Blazek, HT (ASCP)

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Heather, I am sorry to see that this is happening to you.  Your union
your best help in the matter.  As retired active duty Air Force I
understand how orders can be given but as a GS employee you have more
power in resisting those orders.  The biggest problem is that even if
you win the battle you still may lose the war.  After everything is
settled you will still have to work there and the pathologists may try
to make things unpleasant if they chose to.  Hopefully you can work
a compromise.  Do you meet the CLIA requirements for high complexity
testing?  If not, you have grounds to refuse biased on the regulation.
For the record, I feel that any histotech that grosses tissue for the
same wage that he cuts blocks is doing himself a disservice.  Standard
histology is not considered "high complexity testing" and grossing is.
If you are working at a higher standard you should be paid at that
level.  To willingly accept otherwise is foolish.
Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)
Urbana, IL 

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   I work for the Navy as a civilian histo tech. I have been here for
And as of Valentine's Day, I got land basted by a pathologist
with a new and revised work description of my supervisory duties. I
that as of April 1st I will have to be trained for 30 days to gross in
small specimens. This is at no extra pay and I am a GS employee. I
I was done totally wrong, because they went behind my back and
threatened me
that if I didn't comply to learning how to gross, that administrative
will be taken against me. Now remind you I would've been far more
if I had been asked to gross and possibly be upgraded from a GS-7 to a
or GS-9. But no, I was treated like I was some enlisted navy sailor. I
like to know if anybody has any information on rights that histo techs
when it comes to grossing. Can an employer threaten you after working
for 5
yrs and tell you if you don't comply, administrative action will be
against you. I assume that means...in the board room, and being told
fired". I have the Union involved but any information on employee
regulations etc...would be of great help. Thank you in advance.


Heather A. Harper

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