[Histonet] RE: Problems with floating sections

ikenwosu cgin <@t> pen.eiu.edu
Tue Feb 15 11:42:56 CST 2005

Hi Friends,
I have been working on BRDU staining of olfactory
epithelium. The protocol involves:
30 min 0.1% TX in PBS then
60 min HCl at 60 degrees Celcius.
At the end of the second step my tissues are floating off
the slide.

Could  the problem be that I prepared a 700 ml volume of
subbing solution and then subbed 900 slides with it?

Are there any techniques for refixing tissues to the slide
with out destroying or modifying the antigen.

When I CV stain the same tissue on the same batch of slides
I have no problems with tissues floating.

Thanks for your anticpated help.

Ike Thedore Nwosu
Grad. Student
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Eastern Illinois University
600 Linclon Ave
Charleston, IL 61938

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