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At my former institution we were doing a large volume of immuno's and
would every 3 to 6 months start having inconsistant staining and have to
get parts replaced on the probe assembly.  That usually fixed it, so we
got the the point where every 3 months we had them in for a PM.  The
components that were problematic were part of the normal PM.

One time the problem continued and multiple things were replaced (this
was on a 4 or 5 year old machine).  It turned out that it was the power
supply transformer in the instrument.  It would occassionally kick out
an odd voltage and thus the pipet would pick up too little reagent.

In spite of that problem I personally still prefer the Dako.

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Hi We have had a problem with our IHC autostainer and I was wondering if
anyone else has experienced the same problem.  We had a Dako Autostainer
and over time (about three years) found that we had intermittent
problems with slides not being stained.  It started with slides in the
first and second slide position (the positive control was not staining)
when we had a large run but eventually we noticed it at other positions,
spiratically.  We have another instrument now, since Nov and the other
day experienced the same problem.  We ran three sets of known controls
(we send one to each of the facilities we stain for) and one of the
three was positive, the other two were not.  We were using a RTU ER
antibody. ????    Also, the spec sheet from Dako states we should run
the ER with Env or Lsab2.  We get better results with ENV+.    The stain
with ENV is extremely pale.  Any comments or suggestions?

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