[Histonet] " Dinking"

George Cole georgecole <@t> ev1.net
Sun Feb 13 02:42:50 CST 2005

Hey Techs out there--- there are  possible, highly interesting useages
for the Term "dinking" around.
There are a couple of entries in Webster's 9th New Collegiate
Dictionary: 1.  Dink: to shorten and 2. to make a drop shot---(for you
basketball fans). Histotechs, said to be dinking about,  I suppose,
could 1:  be described as shortening the confusion by chugging about
finding answers and or 2 Making a drop shot with a good answer.  But the
next line under these two entries  are the terms: Dinky or Dinkey----a
small locomotive used esp. for hauling freight,  logging and
shunting----where "dinking" refers to hauling freight,  especially in
movements of goods about the yard----also used in the slang version
---"dinking about"-like a small; busy locomotive busy about the train
yards that  picks up and moves things----but in this usage, it is a
person picking up questions, picking away at them, as one who picks away
at a problem until it is dropped next to its answer. I hope that both
Merriam and Webster publishing since 1831, will be  beyond caring if
their entries are chugged, ,juggled and dinked about the Great Yard of
georgecole <@t> ev1.net      

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