[Histonet] dinking defined ... and amused!!

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I understand "dinking" as takng the time to explore all the purmutaions  of
a given endevour. For me, it came to full fruition when I (along with a
group of like-minded souls) took a long, long bicycle trip, during which we
refined "dinking" to a fine art, spending quality time at cafes, pubs,
roadside views. It was the life.

Tim Morken

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You have me laughing.

"Dinking" - One can dink with - an object, procedure and probably thoughts. 
I have used fiddly dink, twiddle or fiddle with, or tweak(ing).   In terms 
of the Warthin Starry, we tweaked, fiddled, twiddled and "dinked" this 
method, but not the Steiner - our chosen method.

The term came from our electron microscopist's vernacular, year ago and he 
was always "fiddly dinking" with things, usually to make whatever he was 
doing work better.  A clever person with lots of creativeness.   Where he 
got the term, I don't know.

Well, I am off to "dink" around in my the lab, it is a slow day and a

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