[Histonet] RE: Formaldehyde vs Formalin (Is it formol, not formal?)

Bryan Hewlett bhewlett <@t> cogeco.ca
Sun Feb 6 17:57:32 CST 2005

Dear John,

Thanks for the confirmation.

In spite of J.R.Baker's advocacy , perhaps a better name for 'formal-saline'
would be '4% formaldehyde in saline'?

As to the small amount of methylal present in commercial formaldehyde
solutions, I thought that mentioning that fact might only further add to the

The same inconsistency in the "Formaldehyde" entry you mention is present in
my earlier edition of the Merck Index.

I am on the lookout for JF Walker's book, I hope to have the same luck as

Best regards,


P.S. Great short article in 'The Cutting Edge', I look forward to part two.

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