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Hi Kemlo

I was trying to keep our somewhat complex situation as simple as possible
for our overseas colleagues. Also it seems to me that biomedical scientist
equivalents in some other countries are called technicians, technologists
or similar.


PS I have an MLA in the second year of a BMS BSc course and doing very
well, hope that's not tempting fate.

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One slight point. I think technical staff also include MLA's (Medical
Laboratory Assistants) who despite some having an 'inappropriate degree'
perfectly trainable to ultimately become BMS's; in fact some carry out very
responsible tasks. We also have Phlebotomists and Cytoscreeners too. I am
also confused as to whether BMS's are 'technical staff' or 'scientific
staff'. When we were state registered under the Medical Technicians Board
could have been argued so, but now we have a protected title and some have
chartered status, then I don't know. But I do know that all Lab Staff are
NOT Biomedical Scientists that I do know.

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Hi Teri

You are correct about the UK. All path lab technical staff are biomedical
scientists, requiring BSc plus 1 years OTJ traing before becoming
registered (mandatory). This is changing slightly as new degree courses
which will incorporate some of the OTJ training are starting up. These will
allow the graduate to be registered at graduation, hopefully improving
recruitment. For progression to more senior levels MSc is required.
The Institute of Biomedical Scientists website has a lot of info

Hope this is helpful


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For those histologists working in France (and other European countries),
what is the nomenclature used for your position?  In the UK we are
biomedical scientists? And what are the education requirements for such?

Any info (or links to helpful websites) is appreciated.


Teri Johnson
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