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Thu Feb 3 13:48:03 CST 2005

In Austria we are called "medizinisch-technische Analytiker"
(medical-technical Analysist). The course lasts three years and you can work
in every medical laboratory. There is no special education for
It is compareable with "a bachelor-degree", but it is not accredited as a
university-course. If someone wants to study medicine after, you have to
start from the beginning.
In near future our name will change in something like "biomedical
analysist", and the course should be upgraded and taught in academies.

Hope this helps
Gudrun Lang

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For those histologists working in France (and other European countries),
what is the nomenclature used for your position?  In the UK we are
biomedical scientists? And what are the education requirements for such?
Any info (or links to helpful websites) is appreciated.

Teri Johnson
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