[Histonet] Rubber cement (for in situ)

- - emerald_lake77 <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 11:20:50 CST 2005

I am starting to work up a protocol for in situ hybridization and discovered I need to seal my slides because of the high temps and long incubation.  Can anyone help me with the following questions:  
a. I noticed the rubber cement is quite fluid.  Using the brush that it comes with the can (or another method), how does one go about applying it after your sample is coverslipped?
b. I've heard about fumes ... what concerns should I have; safety precautions should I take? (my normal range of temperature will be between 43 and 55 degrees Celcius within a Boekel Slide Moat or all purpose incubator)
c. Are there better methods to use when sealing slides? 
d. What is the best way to remove the rubber cement/coverslip after performing hybridization?

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