[Histonet] Floater's Threshold

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 16:40:48 CST 2005

Hi Adesupo:
  I have to confess that I am puzzled by your question. Do you mean "how many floaters are acceptable".
  If that is the meaning of your question then my answer is none!
  This is an unacceptable mistake always due to carelessness. It is always identified by the pathologists and will require to compare the section to the block to determine if the floater was originated while embedding (the floater will be in the block) or if it was due to a mistake in the water bath.
  In either circumstance counseling and retraining are of the essence. The whole protocol has to be reviewed.
  Now if you refer to "threshold" as to how many times can it occur to determine counseling I had answered that (counseling is mandatory).
  How many counseling had to be done by the same histotech to cause different types of sanction, including termination, that will depend on your lab specific policies.
  I hope this will help you!
  René J.

Adesupod <@t> aol.com wrote:
Please I need an infomations on the floater's threshold in the 
Pathology laboratory. I will appreciate any infomations on this topic of floater's 
You guys are doing a wonderful job. You are the best.

Histologically Yours,
Adesupo Adesuyi.
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