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Thu Dec 29 16:19:53 CST 2005

 I would like to inform that Histonet community that the NSH is working
to put the Journal of Histotechnology online which is scheduled to occur
sometime in 2006.

Complete articles of the JOH will be available free to NSH members.
when considered along with other member benefits, this would seem to
offer the greatest value for your dollar.

Non-members will be able to obtain articles electronically for $15 
Non-members who have a medical library available to them may want to
ask their librarian to consider an electronic subscription to JOH. Even
those who do not have access to a medical library can have their
facility subscribe so that the pathologists and staff can access the

Authors of articles appearing in JOH will not be charged anything to
make their articles available electronically 

I understand that download fees can be daunting and counterproductive
to disseminating important information. However I would question the
fairness of having the society's members underwrite the expense of
allowing non-members to have free access so I believe that some fee
structure is appropriate.

The goal of the NSH leadership is to make articles contained in the
Journal of Histotechnology widely available.

Vinnie Della Speranza
President, National Society for Histotechnology

>>> "Smith, Allen" <asmith <@t> mail.barry.edu> 12/29/05 04:06PM >>>
A page charge to authors means that a paper is published or not
according to
whether or not the author can afford to publish.  That's a rather poor
to referee science.
A charge for subscription or download means that a paper is read only
enough people feel it is worth the cost of butying it.  That's very
mercenary, but it does give some indication of the value of the paper.
Currently, publishers are very foolish about download fees.  $25 to $30
paper is unaffordable.  At that price, I download about 1 paper a
Thus, if my library doesn't have the journal, I won't cite the paper. 
download fees were $5 paper, I'd probably download around 10 papers a
and the publishers' revenue would double.

Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Anatomy
Barry University School of Graduate Medical Sciences
    Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Miami Shores, Florida  33161

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Subject: [Histonet] online journals

Which of the below three options do you think is best regarding a
with both print and online versions????
1) Journal is open access, the publisher will charge page charges to
2) No page charges (except color plates), but the publisher charges
fees and only the abstracts are open access.  
3) Page charges are optional for the author, if the author pays the
article is open access, if not then only the abstract will be
without paying a download fee.  
In case someone is unaware, If an article is entirely open access then
anyone can read it or download it online.  IF only the abstract is
then you can read the abstract online, but must pay a fee to download
entire article.
Thanks for the feedback, its actually very important!
Malcolm L. McCallum
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Texas A&M University Texarkana
2600 Robison Rd.
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