[Histonet] QIHC exam

Orr, Rebecca ROrr <@t> enh.org
Wed Dec 28 10:29:10 CST 2005

Hello everyone,

For all you who have taken the  new version QIHC WRITTEN exam, what was
the most valuable study guide you used?

I am not asking for anyone to tell me what is ON the test...I would
appreciate knowing what the number one guide used  that was the most

Due to a death in my family I was unable to attend this year's NSH and
the QIHC  seminar given by Ethel and Patsy.

So I'm taking it "cold"...I have a good idea in MY mind what I know  and
what I don't know...

it's the stuff I don't know that I don't know that I'm a bit nervous
about...you know?


Thank muchly,



 Becky Orr CLA,HT(ASCP)

IHC Lead 

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare



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