[Histonet] artifact

Santana, Diane dsantana <@t> pmaonline.com
Tue Dec 27 11:32:24 CST 2005

a couple of weeks ago I sent out an e mail about an artifact I was getting
on my GI bx's. I have done most of the suggestions. From diluting more in
the earlier part of the process ( 70% /80%) to changing from 2 clear rite 22
mins ea, to 3 clear rites 22 mins ea. Also covering the lid on our Sakura
processor with a towel. Nothing has changed, still its random. Mon, Tues,
Fri no artifact. Wed, thus and today (toes) I do. If I have no problems, I
don't make any attention changes,  if I do I do another.
Is there any more suggestions or any place I can send slides to that maybe
able to help?
My pathologist does not agree that it can be happening during the extraction
of the bx's.
It is driving me crazy!
Diane Santana

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