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One can also try a very short warm water soak (even room temperature water) 
followed by cold water to recool the block.  Warm water penetrates a tidge 
easier than really cold water.  Becareful when sectioning the block - the 
soaked portion is only a few micrometers deep and you may only get a few 
sections.  If your tissue protrude from the block face after a soak, 
beware, that is not good either -

Re-address processing, it sounds as though there is too much dehydration, 
clearing, or too long in paraffins one or all at the same time and if they 
add heat to processing in dehydrants and clearing agents, don't do that - 
it only dries out mouse tissues even more since they are lean little 
critters, not a fatty as human tissues.

At 09:32 AM 12/21/2005, you wrote:
>   I agree.  Try a long soak in cold water.  It sounds like the tissue 
> needs to be rehydrated a bit.  It's way to overdry and you need to let 
> the people who do your processing know that otherwise they'll do it to 
> other people.

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