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Try a 5-10% aqueous ammonium hydroxide. We used to put this in a small sandwich size tupperware container on top of our ice trays and soaked the blocks in them after facing for about 10-15 minutes before taking sections. They cut great after that, especially small GI and liver bx's that were processed with the longer protocols with our big tissues. You may have to resoak after taking a few sections, but there you go. I usually gave a quick swish in regular cold water to get the excess amm. hydroxide off the block before sectioning.
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Have a tried keeping them on a WET ice for 45 minutes to an hour?  If
you have tried it and it doesn't work, it is a processing problem that
you must rectify.


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Hi everyone
We are having a real serious problem getting good sections from mouse
livers.  The tissue curls and shreds out of the block as soon as it
comes in
contact with the knife, end up with a section that has the exact outline
the tissue but no tissue. The tissue consistency could best be described
"dry?" Interestingly, it is only the normal livers that have this
We have tried sectioning thick, thin, no soak, cold soak......but out of
ideas. Anyone have any suggestions? Unfortunately we have no control
the tissue processing, but perhaps can convince to change.
Thanks Luis

Happy Holidays to all!!
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