[Histonet] MMA sections coming off!

Tracey Couse tracey.couse <@t> ibb.gatech.edu
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Try manually coating plain glass slides with poly-l-lysine, 
chrome/gelatin, or glycerin/gelatin.  We use all of these for our thin 
plastic sections.  I also suggest setioning a micron or two thinner (cut 
at 3 or 4um).  A thinner section will reduce the surface area to volume 
ratio and may promote better section adherance.  You may need to dry the 
sldies using a slide press and dry longer or with higher temperatures. 
Also, try searching the Histonet archives for alternative slide coating 
suggestions.  Good luck!

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Help!  We are losing our thin plastic sections!  We have cut PMMA
plastic sections at 5 microns and put them on "+" slides, and the
sections fall off either during de-plasticizing or during staining!  We
have tried:  Haupt's adhesive, longer drying times, "+" slides, plus
slides and Haupt's together, etc....no luck!  Any suggestions would be

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