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Malcolm McCallum Malcolm.McCallum <@t> tamut.edu
Tue Dec 20 12:11:01 CST 2005

Which of the below three options do you think is best regarding a journal with both print and online versions????
1) Journal is open access, the publisher will charge page charges to authors.
2) No page charges (except color plates), but the publisher charges download fees and only the abstracts are open access.  
3) Page charges are optional for the author, if the author pays the entire article is open access, if not then only the abstract will be accessible without paying a download fee.  
In case someone is unaware, If an article is entirely open access then anyone can read it or download it online.  IF only the abstract is available then you can read the abstract online, but must pay a fee to download the entire article.
Thanks for the feedback, its actually very important!
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