[Histonet] Agar embedding protocol

MVaughan4 <@t> ucok.edu MVaughan4 <@t> ucok.edu
Fri Dec 16 12:26:06 CST 2005

Bio-Rad agar 3% in water, boil to melt, let cool to about 60 degrees, 
quickly pour into a cryoembedding mold and orient sample before the agar 
Once the agar hardens you can cut out the sample surrounded by agar. 
Mounting works best using a dissecting scope if you have a small sample.
You might be able to use low-melt agar if your sample is sensitive to 
heat. The only problem I have noticed is that sometimes there is 
nonspecific background staining of the tissue or loss of antigen, probably 
if the agar is too hot. You might test on an unimportant sample first.
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