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Cindy DuBois dpahisto <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 07:59:12 CST 2005

I have a set of "blocks of all different types of tissue"  ie.  uterus, cervix, skin, tonsils, colon, just to name a few.  I pick out one or two each day and they are cut at the end of the run(by a different tech each day)  and stained with the last run.  Everyday, we use a different tissue and I try to cover all the basics within the week.
  We dry our slides on a warming plate @60C for 10 minutes, then place in 60C oven for 20 minutes.  I worked at another place that didn't have a warming plate, so we let the slides air dry for 20 minutes then put them in oven for 20 minutes.
  Cindy DuBois
  Integrated Pathology
  Stockton, CA

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