[Histonet] CD 4, CD8 and C5a in mouse FFPE

wasielewski.reinhard.von <@t> mh-hannover.de wasielewski.reinhard.von <@t> mh-hannover.de
Thu Dec 15 06:26:14 CST 2005

Dear histonetters,
this is the second try to get valueable information on how to stain these epitopes in 
fixed mouse tissue. 

CD 4 in mouse tissue, FFPE
CD 8 in mouse tissue, FFPE
C5a in mouse tissue, FFPE

Maybe I missed the answers to my first question or something with my server went 
Could you give me informations about clones and protocols that work reliably ?
Many thanks in advance
Reinhard von Wasielewski

PD Dr. med. Reinhard von Wasielewski

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