[Histonet] anti-mouse PR primary Ab

Vernon Dailey vd38 <@t> georgetown.edu
Tue Dec 13 09:42:46 CST 2005

Hi Histonet,

I need to stain FFPE mouse tissue for Progesterone Receptor. I have 
tried Santa Cruz rabbit polyclonal but it is not showing the type of 
staining that I would expect. The luminal epithelial cells of normal 
mouse uterus are negative while the lamina propria stains positive. My 
understanding is they should both be positive in normal uterus. Also, I 
can only get the lamina propria staining at 1:50 in the uterus but when 
I stain tumor tissue at 1:50 I get tremendous amounts of background 
(tissue not necrotic and I see very nice, clean staining when using 
Santa Cruz ER Ab at 1:1500) Can anyone recommend another product that 
has been successful. Many thanks,

-Vernon Dailey

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