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Hello CRS Group:
  DAB disposal constitutes an everyday need and there are several approaches, the most common being to treat it with bleach until it decolorizes but this practice is not recommended because the final product of this treatment is not known.
  DAB can be treat in the following way:
  1-Prepare a stock solution (A) of 0.2 M potassium permanganate (=31.6 g/L) and another stock sol. (B) of 2.0 M sulfuric acid (112mL conc./L).
  2- Dilute the DAB solution up to a conc. that does not exceeds 0.9 mg/mL
  3- To each 10 mL of the DAB sol. add 5 mL of sol. A + 5 mL of sol. B
  4- Allow the mixture to react for at least 10 hours after which time it will be non-mutagenic.
  5- Add ascorbic acid in powder until the mixture is decolorized.
  6- Add sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the solution (test with pH paper).
  7- Now you can discard the solution down the drain, provided that your local authorities give their approval,
  OR you can give your DAB to a waste management company (WMC) but always remembering that you, and not the WMC, will be responsible for the disposed product. 
  In my laboratory we used to give our DAB to a WMC after we treated it with bleach. 
  Hope this will help you!
  Rene J.

crs grupo <grupo.crs <@t> gmail.com> wrote:
I'm doing a research about the DAB and his
I need some information about DAB and what to do whit it after use.
If someone can give me any information, I appreciated.
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