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Hi Mildred:
  Case and control together in the same slide is now almost the norm and for laboratories with high volume of HC and IHC is cumbersome to cut controls and cases simultaneously. Also there are specimens (like liver and bone marrow biopsies) that the pathologists want the HC or IHC on the unstained slides in a series; in these cases the control cannot be placed in the same slide.
  Our transition went slowly because we first used up our controls before beginning to cut a new series of controls. We use the Fisher's + charged slides that have an area dedicated to the control, at the top of the slide (the case is put at the bottom).
  We cut our IHC controls beforehand BUT just a few because when the controls have some time in storage (about 1-2 weeks) the IHC reaction weakens.
  This weakening is not an "idea" or just a subjective percention. I published a paper in the J. of Histotechnology [28(2):89-97, 2005] where it is demonstrated that the weakening is statistically highly significant, i.e. not due to chance.
  Due to that we tried to use  tissues that were good controls for several antibodies and cut only those that were going to be used during 1 week.
  Among the tissues that show weakening more easily are: muscle, colon, tonsil and prostate.
  Hope this will help you!
  Rene J.

Mildred Fail <FAILM <@t> musc.edu> wrote:
  I have been asked to put the patient tissue on the control slides. I readily see the benefits in doing so, but I need some advice on how to make the transition.
We have seventy controls for IHC
and 30 for SS
131 Antibodies 
I would like input from anyone who has had to make this transition.
How did you get enough controls cut to make the transition?
Who cuts your controls?
How do you manage to keep up with the volume necessary to manage this task?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
Rena Fail

Rena Fail

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