[Histonet] RE: active Caspase-3 antibody and TUNEL kit

Melissa Gonzalez Melissa.Gonzalez <@t> cellgenesys.com
Mon Dec 5 12:46:33 CST 2005

Try the TUNEL kit from Chemicon, and active Caspase3 from R&D Systems
(not sure if it will x-react with g.p). I used to use the Roche TUNEL
kit, but have not been happy with the consistency of the kit in the past
few years.
Good luck, 

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Dear Histonetter,
I would like hear some advice on good antibody against active Caspase-3.
Prefer it is working in different species.
Also, could anyone here recommend an apoptosis dectection kit (TUNEL
We used to try the one from PerkinElmer.
I am working with guinea pig tissue.
Any input is greatly appreciated!


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