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Invitrogen is the company who makes the goat labeled polymer.  As for
blocking, I use serum free protein block before the primary and then before
the rab. Anti-goat secondary and then again before the rabbit labeled
polymer.  If I still encounter non-specific staining I put some serum (from
the host of the secondary, about 10%) in with the protein block.  This
method is very sensitive and you can bring up lots of non-specific BG so be
careful to optimize your dilutions and times for the antibody and for the
detection reagents.

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Hello everyone,

Just recently there was a posting on how to run a rabbit polymer with
goat antibodies...or something to that nature, using an anti rabbit
secondary and then the Dako polymer...could that person send me an email
please?  I had a quick question about blocking...


Also, does anyone have the name of the company that makes a goat
polymer?  I know there's a company out there...I've seen the ads but
can't locate it...

Many thanks and have a great weekend!



 Becky Orr CLA,HT(ASCP)

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