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Thu Dec 1 14:02:47 CST 2005

If one writes an SOP for microtome cleaning, I strongly suggest you find 
out the manufacturer recommendations on what they use the job.  Removal of 
lubricants or not replacing them can create problems - something I learned 
from Leica.

At 12:31 PM 12/1/2005, you wrote:
>Although I do not use this kind of microtome in particular, I do dismantle 
>and clean my blade holder after every use. I find it needs it and long 
>term maintenance as well as section quality is better for my machine. If 
>someone who knows what they are doing does the cleaning then there should 
>be no problem over time -- to ensure this I completely orient new users to 
>every aspect of the machine.
>That being said, this tech should follow whatever the working procedure is 
>in your lab. I agree with Rene J in that a written SOP should solve your 
>problems. Write one for the lab as a whole or for each brand of microtome 
>and insist that the techs follow it.
>At 10:24 AM -0800 12/1/05, Rene J Buesa wrote:
>>Hi Cindy:
>>   First it is not necessary to take appart a knife holder daily. For 
>> what you describe
>>   this techs acts as some do, thinking that they are like "independent 
>> contractors"
>>   within the lab setting able to do anything the want regardless of 
>> general rules.
>>   Do you have an SOP that addresses this cleaning procedure? If you 
>> don't you
>>   can write this aspect and have everybody to adhere to it.
>>   With some statistics about recuts required for bad technique you can 
>> also try
>>   to convince her.
>>   You could also get advise from the sales representative regarding this 
>> practice.
>>   If everything fails you will have to impose authority on the issue.
>>   Hope you will be able to reign in this stubborn tech.
>>   Rene J.
>>Cindy DuBois <dpahisto <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
>>   This is a question for those techs who cut on a manual Reichert-Jung 2030.
>>I have one tech who insists on completely taking apart her knife holder 
>>everyday to clean it. She removes the springs and all. This person is 
>>also the only tech who has trouble cutting and is constantly having to 
>>recut a specimen or nearly cutting through needle biopsies.
>>I maintain that handling the knife holder spring so much causes the 
>>problems (knife won't clamp tight evenly, chatter and skipping). The 
>>other techs, including myself only dismantle and clean the knife holder 
>>about once a month. We have had to purchase new spring and bolts for this 
>>microtome about every 6 months, whereas the other microtomes have never 
>>had to be replaced. How do I go about telling this person to quit 
>>cleaning so much.
>>I have had the knife holder and microtome serviced to make sure there is 
>>nothing else wrong. I have cut on that machine and find it cuts 
>>beautifully as long as you don't take it apart after every 10 blocks to 
>>clean behind the blade.
>>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
>>Cindy DuBois
>>Integrated Pathology Assoc.
>>Stockton CA
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