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Dear Laura,

We have a histopath lab, but also have a short/long term archiving
facility for data, wet tissue, slides/blocks and refrigerated and frozen
specimens.  We have an FM-200 fire suppression system which basically
has taken the place of Halon because of its ozone depleting properties.

We also have humidity and temperature recorders in all vaults and
refrigerators/freezers that monitor the temps and humidity 24/7.  We
have alarm contacts on them as well.  This is in place in case anything
goes below or above the set temperatures and humidity, our alarm system
will sound immediately and we will be called automatically.

In short, we have to keep precise records as to how and when everything
is maintained.  If anyone would like to talk further about such matters,
please feel free to call Sam Jeffrey or Ed Galati at 540-477-4441.
Either of them would be happy to discuss this with you.

Tom Galati
Laboratory Director
HSRL, Inc.- A GLP Compliant Contract Laboratory
5930 Main Street
Mount Jackson, Virginia  22842
tomgalati <@t> hsrl.org

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Greetings to everyone in Histoland!  We are hoping you all can help us
a question. 

We store our paraffin blocks in a small closet/room (5' x 10', we're
guessing) and have had a Halon fire extinguishing system in there for
We have apparently been cited by the PA Dept. of Health (?) for this
not being adequate.  So, the question is, what type of system does
else have?  We realize that regulations may differ from state to state,
would appreciate any input, as our safety officer seems to be puzzled as

Thanks in advance to all the experts.  

Laura Jones

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