[Histonet] Kappa opioid receptor Ab epitope

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I would recommend doing a search in pubmed (look for articles that
specifically use the sigma antibody or try and find the article in which the
antibody was first characterized) and see what turns up.  You should also
search different antibody manufacturers. If sigma is the only one who
supplies the antibody, then perhaps there is a proprietary reason that they
will not relinquish the information. either way, I find it unusual that
Sigma would not be forthcoming  especially if you mention that you require
the info for publication.
Hope this helps

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Dear Histonet,

I am trying to find out the epitope sequence of the primary antibody
targeting kappa opioid receptors, marketed by Sigma (Cat. O1757).   Their
website and data sheets only describe the epitope as 'internal
region'.   The literature articles referenced in the data sheet do not
comment on this specific antibody.   When I e-mailed the company they
wouldn't tell me what the epitope sequence was (it probably required more
effort than checking the website), and they also refused to identify the
manufacturer.   Information about any prior testing would also be

I have been using this antibody and I feel that this lack of information
might reduce the publishability of my work.


Thank you,

Andrew Gray
PhD student

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